Elise Oberdorfer-Douglas


Elise Oberdorfer-Douglas is a house manager for multiple residential properties in Atlanta, GA, and a mother of 2, including her 17-year-old daughter who has lived with type 1 diabetes for the past 9 years. Elise is originally from Brazil and moved here 26 years ago. She and her husband are both self-employed and struggled to access affordable healthcare and often had to ration supplies or find other methods to acquire their daughter’s insulin and supplies. Although the ACA enabled them to receive insurance, the costs were still really high. Since the pandemic, both her and her husband’s work have been impacted and last year they were able to get on Medicaid. Now that their businesses are rebounding from the pandemic, she worries they will lose Medicaid. Her daughter dreams of attending NYU and Elise worries about how she will manage her diabetes once she leaves home.